Early Childhood

Kindergarten to Second Grades


The program in Kindergarten seeks to provide age-appropriate experiences that fully develop a student’s God-given potential in an atmosphere that promotes spiritual growth and a positive self-concept.  The schedule features daily routines with structured large-group lessons.  Small-group learning and free-choice activities provide for the development of students’ social interactions and promote cooperation.  Students learn standard-based concepts and do skills-based activities using fun and creative themes.  While planned activities cover all of the core curriculum areas, the students’ faith life, pre-reading/reading skills and a solid math foundation are the most prominent.

First Grade

The primary focus of first grade is building a strong language arts and math skills foundation for future learning.  Hands-on activities are utilized whenever possible.  Worksheets and workbooks compliment the curriculum with opportunity to practice and master educational skills.

Second Grade

The primary goal of second grade is to develop in our students a higher level of independence as learners.  More emphasis is put on personal responsibility for remembering to complete work and use time in the classroom wisely.  As is the case in every classroom, independent reading using the Accelerated Reader program and higher level writing skills are the foundations on which growth is built.